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An Organic Money Movement

Time and money. Is there ever enough of either one?

The boss wants that piece of work yesterday; the kids want your attention now; the car needs new tyres and is long overdue for its service; there’s a sale on this weekend, and if you don’t buy that new TV today, you’ll miss out on that ‘one-time only’ deal; the washing machine’s on its last legs, but if you’re lucky it might just hold out until the school uniforms are paid for; and, boy, do you need a holiday!

It’s no secret we live in a fast-food, quick-results, instant-gratification culture. We want it all immediately, and we expect our finances to keep up (or catch up). But the truth is, the way we are living, they’re more likely to pack up.

Slowly, the debts and the interest build, the personal loan becomes a burden, the mortgage payment is a looming mountain, the bills keep coming, and all it takes is a minor medical emergency, a broken-down car or a slight cut in work hours to topple the whole house of (credit) cards.

Sadly we frequently see the results of this kind of “fast money” culture: stress, sleeplessness, broken relationships, bankruptcy . . . The weight of debt pulls people under until they despair of ever finding real financial freedom.

Financial freedom. What does that look like? Realistically, is it even possible in this day and age, especially for younger people?

We have good news. Yes, it is possible – and realistic – and it looks like this: living debt free, having your independence, not needing to rely on the government or your family when you retire, being able to choose where you spend 100% of the money you earn (well, after tax, that is – we all have to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s), giving a debt-free start in life to your children and grandchildren, the ability to buy great gifts, finding that elusive “peace of mind”, financing your dreams and hobbies . . .

Are you hooked? Of course you are. That’s why Get Rich Quick! and Retire Before 30! type books sell in their millions. We all want financial freedom and we want it now!

Sadly, though, there is no magic pill or mystical money tree that is going to solve all your money problems and give you overnight riches. The reality is the road to Lifetime Wealth involves some things that are difficult at times. Things like budgeting, waiting, delayed gratification, work, sacrifice and discipline. But along this road also comes unity, mutual support, more than enough, generosity, buying from savings and not through debt, increase, sustainability, an inheritance not just for your children but your children’s children and LIFETIME WEALTH

This is what the Organic Money Movement is all about. It’s about going back to an authentic and sustainable approach to growing wealth, without the toxic contributions of get-rich-quick schemes, mountains of debt and the struggle to keep up with the Joneses. It’s about abandoning the appearance of wealth (everything looking good on the outside), which is funded through consumer debt and living beyond our means and embracing the less comfortable, less attractive (because it involves discipline and hard work) but so-much-better-for-you and truly satisfying road to LIFETIME WEALTH.

Come and be part of this Organic Money Movement with us!

Love Ash & Karen

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